Headphones Check
Integration with Pavlovia/PsychoJS
How to add a Headphones Check to your study.

This automated guide takes you through the steps of adding a Headphones Check to your study hosted on Pavlovia. It assumes that you have made your study using PsychoPy, and used the Export HTML feature of PsychoPy to produce the Javascript file.

This is designed for PsychoPy versions 2020.2.10 and 2021.1.1 or newer. Other versions of PsychoPy may not be compatible.

Depending on the features of your study and the version of PsychoPy that you are using, your JavaScript file might not be compatible with this guide.

For the methodology of the Headphones Check, see this paper. The JavaScript implementation and documentation are on GitHub.

1. Check your PsychoPy study for name clashes

Make sure that your study does not have anything named HeadphonesCheck or similar. This includes any component names and variables.

Any clashes are likely to result in unrecoverable errors and loss of data.

This guide adds code to import the HeadphonesCheck class, create an instance of the class called headphonesCheck, and add a function called handleHeadphonesCheckResult to handle the result of the check. If you choose to save the results, the results are saved in a column called HeadphonesCheckResults in JSON format. Please ensure that you do not use any of these names in your study.

2. Export HTML from PsychoPy

Open your study in the PsychoPy Builder, then go to File > Export HTML. If successfully exported, you will have a new JavaScript file in your folder where your PsychoPy study is saved.
The JavaScript file is typically called name of your study.js

The file ending in -legacy-browsers.js that PsychoPy creates at the same time is not compatible with this automated guide. If you wish to use the Headphones Check with this file specifically, refer to the documentation on GitHub to manually add it to your -legacy-browsers.js file. You can still continue to use this guide for the non-legacy file.

3. Upload your name of your study.js to add the Headphones Check code

Open the folder where your PsychoPy study is saved, and Drag and Drop your name of your study.js file into the box below.
Alternatively, open your file, copy the entirety of its contents, click Paste contents and paste it into the text box that appears.

4. Customize your Headphones Check

Volume adjustment procedure:
Type of Headphones Check:
Headphones Check options:
Please enter a whole number.
Please enter a whole number.
Please enter a whole number.
Save results
Sound files for the volume adjustment and Headphones Check:

5. Choose what happens if the Headphones Check is failed

If the Headphones Check is failed...
...the study will stop and a message will appear.
The study has stopped
because you failed the headphones check.
Please enter a message.
Please enter a web address.

6. Download your new JavaScript file

Review and download your new Headphones Check.

Volume adjustment
Check type
Number of trials
Pass mark
Max. attempts
Save results
Sound files
If Check failed

Download License

7. Replace your original name of your study.js file with the new file

Make sure that the file names are identical when replacing the original file.